Instructions for setting up a PPPoE connection on Windows 10

Последние изменения: 12.12.2023

Please note that when you use a Wi-Fi router, you don't need to configure PPPoE on your computer, since a PPPoE connection is already on the Wi-Fi router. Setting up a PPPoE connection on a computer is required only if the provider's cable is directly connected to the computer, without using a Wi-Fi router.

1. Right click on the network connections icon




on the taskbar and select "Open" Network and Internet Settings"


2. Next, select "Network and Sharing Center"


3. In the window that opens, select "Create and configure a new connection or network" and click "Next"


4. Then select "Set up a new connection or network" and click "Next"


5. Select the connection type "Broadband (PPPoE)" and click "Next"


6. In the window that appears, enter your login and password from your personal account and check the mark next to "Remember password" so as not to enter it every time you connect.


Congratulations! Connection is set! :)

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