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For a correct speed test, you must disable all programs that can use the Internet. It is also necessary to disable the operation of anti-virus software since it passes through itself all the traffic received from the Internet, and can distort the test results. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that with disabled anti-virus software, we do not recommend visiting any sites and running any programs. After receiving the test results, you must enable your antivirus software. We have also prepared a video tutorial for you.

To check the speed, follow the following algorithm:

1) Connect to the Internet.

2) Launch your browser.

3) In the address bar enter the site address

4) Choose a server. Enter the server we need and click on it.

For Ethernet clients, we recommend measuring the external speed on 2 servers: Megafon server - Moscow and Unet server - Minsk (if the indicators on the Moscow server are low).

Server selection is shown in the pictures:


For LTE clients, you must select the BeCloud server.


5) Press the "Go" button. After that, testing will begin.


After the end of testing, you will see the statistics, which will indicate:

1. - ping

2. - download speed

3. - upload speed

4. - results to copy the link


6) You need to copy the results and send them to the operators for further diagnostics.


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